EUelections 2019: Elections in Belgium – towards another world record?


Belgium is known over the world for fries, chocolate and the intricacy of its political system. It looks as if the country might be able to secure a new spot in the history books after the elections of May 2019. Belgians voted for the European, general and regional elections on the same day, and some of the electoral results were largely unexpected.

Belgium is a federal state. There is a central government by and large in charge of security and defence, international affairs and social security. There are also three communities and three regions. The three communities (French-speaking, Flanders and German-speaking) are particularly responsible for education. The three regions (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels) are supervising the economy, employment and energy. Czytaj więcej

EUelections 2019: A View from Finland


Parament europejskiIn the 751-seated European Parliament, Finland has only 13 seats. As a result of the last European elections, held on 26th of May, these 13 seats were attributed to seven different parties. Even though the Finnish political scene is very divided, we can still say that the results of the euro elections followed the same trends as were seen at the European level. Czytaj więcej